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Sadie Lynn Chumsky, Therapy Dog

Ever felt the unconditional love of an animal? Has your pet ever helped you dry your tears or get you out of bed in the morning? Animals have a profound healing effect on us humans. Their loyalty, empathy and love is abundant! They make us feel worthy and valued every-time they look at us. Research shows the positive impact animals have on our ability to heal from mental health struggles like anxiety and depression. This is why we, at Be Embodied, LLC, have Sadie Lynn join us in the office weekly. Sadie’s attunement to people is one of a kind, her calmness is contagious and she never fails to make people smile.

Sadie is available to attend sessions with you upon request Tuesdays through Thursdays. She will be at the door waiting to welcome you, tail wagging!

If you have any concerns or questions about a canine being in the office during your appointment please let our receptionist or founder know ahead of time.

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